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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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1.5 Using Calc

Calc has several user interfaces that are specialized for different kinds of tasks. As well as Calc's standard interface, there are Quick Mode, Keypad Mode, and Embedded Mode.

Calc must be installed before it can be used. See section A. Installation, for instructions on setting up and installing Calc. We will assume you or someone on your system has already installed Calc as described there.

1.5.1 Starting Calc  
1.5.2 The Standard Calc Interface  
1.5.3 Quick Mode (Overview)  
1.5.4 Keypad Mode (Overview)  
1.5.5 Standalone Operation  
1.5.6 Embedded Mode (Overview)  
1.5.7 Other M-# Commands  

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