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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Octal integers7.7.1 Radix Modes
Operands3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Operators3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Operators in formulas5.15 Formulas
Over-determined systems of equations3.3.2 Matrices

Parsing formulas, customized7.8.8 Syntax Tables
Parts of formulas11.1 Selecting Sub-Formulas
Pascal language7.8.2 C, FORTRAN, and Pascal Modes
Pattern matching11.11 Rewrite Rules
Performance7.4.8 Working Messages
Permanent mode settings7.1 General Mode Commands
Permanent user definitions18.1 Creating User Keys
Permanent variables13.3 Other Operations on Variables
Permutation, inverse of10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Permutations, applying10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
Perpendicular vectors3.3.1 Vector Analysis
phi variable5.14 Variables
phi variable9. Scientific Functions
Phi, golden ratio3.6 Programming Tutorial
Phi, golden ratio9. Scientific Functions
pi variable5.14 Variables
pi variable9. Scientific Functions
Plain vectors5.6 Vectors and Matrices
PlotRejects variable14.1 Basic Graphics
PointStyles variable14.4 Graphics Options
Polar mode7.4.2 Polar Mode
Polynomial, list of coefficients3.6 Programming Tutorial
Population statistics10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Positive infinite mode7.4.4 Infinite Mode
Precedence of operators5.15 Formulas
Precision of calculations7.2 Precision
Primes9.6 Combinatorial Functions
Principal values9.4 Branch Cuts and Principal Values
Product of a sequence11.9 Summations
Programming with algebraic formulas18.4 Programming with Formulas
Programming with keyboard macros18.2 Programming with Keyboard Macros
Pythagorean Theorem3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack

Quaternions11.11.13 Examples of Rewrite Rules
Quick Calculator4.6 "Quick Calculator" Mode
Quick units12.4 User-Defined Units
Quick variables13.1 Storing Variables
Quitting the Calculator4.1 Basic Commands

Radix display7.7.1 Radix Modes
Rank tables10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Recalling variables13.2 Recalling Variables
Reciprocal8.1 Basic Arithmetic
Recursion3.6 Programming Tutorial
Recursion depth4.11.2 Recursion Depth
Redoing after an Undo4.8 Undoing Mistakes
Refreshing a garbled display4.1 Basic Commands
Removing stack entries6.1 Stack Manipulation Commands
Reshaping a matrix10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Restoring saved modes18.2.4 Local Values in Macros
Retrieving previous results6.3 Trail Commands
Rewrite rules11.11 Rewrite Rules
Root-mean-square10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Roots of equations11.7.1 Root Finding
Round-off errors3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Roundoff errors, correcting8.4 Conversions
Roundoff errors, examples3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Roundoff errors, examples3.2 Arithmetic Tutorial
Roundoff errors, in non-decimal numbers3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
RPN notation3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Running the Calculator4.1 Basic Commands

Sample statistics10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Saving mode settings7.1 General Mode Commands
Scalar mode7.4.6 Matrix and Scalar Modes
Scientific notation, display of7.7.3 Float Formats
Scientific notation, entry of3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Scientific notation, in non-decimal numbers3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Scrolling4.1 Basic Commands
Selections11.1 Selecting Sub-Formulas
Sets, as binary numbers10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
Sets, as vectors10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
Simpson's rule3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Sine integral Si(x)3.6 Programming Tutorial
Slope and angle of a line3.4 Types Tutorial
Solving equations11.6 Solving Equations
Sorting data10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Speed of light3.4 Types Tutorial
Square-free numbers3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Stack basics4.3 Stack Basics
Stack levels3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Standalone Operation1.5.5 Standalone Operation
Standard deviation10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Standard deviations5.11 Error Forms
Standard user interface1.5.2 The Standard Calc Interface
Starting the Calculator4.1 Basic Commands
Statistical functions10.7 Statistical Operations on Vectors
Storing user definitions18.1 Creating User Keys
Storing variables13.1 Storing Variables
Storing variables13.3 Other Operations on Variables
Strings5.7 Strings
Sub-formulas11.1 Selecting Sub-Formulas
Subscript notation10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
Summation of a series11.9 Summations
Summations (by keyboard macros)18.2.3 Loops in Keyboard Macros
Summations (statistical)10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Summing rows and columns of data15.3 Grabbing from Other Buffers
Symbolic mode7.4.5 Symbolic Mode
Syntax tables7.8.8 Syntax Tables
Systems of equations, numerical11.7.3 Systems of Equations
Systems of equations, symbolic11.6.2 Solving Systems of Equations
Systems of linear equations3.3.2 Matrices

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