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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Index Entry Section

Gamma constant, Euler's3.6 Programming Tutorial
Gamma constant, Euler's9. Scientific Functions
gamma variable5.14 Variables
gamma variable9. Scientific Functions
Garbled displays, refreshing4.1 Basic Commands
GenCount variable11.6.1 Multiple Solutions
Generic functions10.8.1 Specifying Operators
Geometric mean3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Geometric mean10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Golden ratio3.6 Programming Tutorial
Golden ratio9. Scientific Functions
Gregorian calendar5.9 Date Forms
Grouping digits7.7.2 Grouping Digits
Guard digits3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Guard digits3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands

Harmonic mean10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Harmonic numbers3.6 Programming Tutorial
Hash tables3.2 Arithmetic Tutorial
Help commands4.2 Help Commands
Hexadecimal integers7.7.1 Radix Modes
Histograms10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Holidays variable8.5.3 Business Days
Horizontal scrolling4.1 Basic Commands
Hours-minutes-seconds forms5.8 HMS Forms

i variable5.14 Variables
i variable7.7.4 Complex Formats
Identity matrix3.3.2 Matrices
Implicit comma in vectors5.15 Formulas
Implicit multiplication5.15 Formulas
Incomplete algebraic mode4.5 Algebraic Entry
Incomplete complex numbers5.13 Incomplete Objects
Incomplete interval forms5.13 Incomplete Objects
Incomplete vectors5.13 Incomplete Objects
Index tables10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Inexact results7.4.5 Symbolic Mode
inf variable5.5 Infinities
Infinite mode7.4.4 Infinite Mode
Infinity5.5 Infinities
Integer part of a number8.2 Integer Truncation
Integers5.1 Integers
Integration by Simpson's rule3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Integration, numerical3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Interval forms5.12 Interval Forms
Inverse of permutation10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Iterative structures18.2.3 Loops in Keyboard Macros

Julian calendar5.9 Date Forms
Julian day counting5.9 Date Forms
Julian day counts, conversions8.5.1 Date Conversions

Keyboard macros18.2 Programming with Keyboard Macros
Keyboard macros, editing18.2.1 Naming Keyboard Macros
Kill ring15.1 Killing from the Stack
Knuth, Art of Computer Programming1.6 History and Acknowledgements

Lambda expressions10.8.1 Specifying Operators
Large numbers, readability3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Last-arguments feature4.8 Undoing Mistakes
Leading zeros7.7.1 Radix Modes
Least-squares fits11.8.1 Linear Fits
Least-squares for fitting a straight line3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Least-squares for over-determined systems3.3.2 Matrices
Levels of stack3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Line breaking7.8.1 Normal Language Modes
Line, fitting data to3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Linear correlation10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
Linear equations, systems of3.3.2 Matrices
Linear regression11.8.1 Linear Fits
Linearity testing11.10 Logical Operations
LineStyles variable14.4 Graphics Options
Lists3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Local variables18.2.4 Local Values in Macros
Looping structures18.2.3 Loops in Keyboard Macros

Maple language7.8.6 Maple Language Mode
Marginal notes1.2 About This Manual
Marginal notes, adjustingA.11 Printed Documentation
Matchstick problem3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Mathematica language7.8.5 Mathematica Language Mode
Matrices5.6 Vectors and Matrices
Matrix display7.8.1 Normal Language Modes
Matrix mode7.4.6 Matrix and Scalar Modes
max-lisp-eval-depth4.11.2 Recursion Depth
max-specpdl-size4.11.2 Recursion Depth
Maximizing a function over a list of values3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Maximum of a function using Calculus3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Mean of data values10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
Median of data values10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
META key1.5.1 Starting Calc
Minimization, numerical11.7.2 Minimization
Minus signs4.4 Numeric Entry
Mistakes, undoing4.8 Undoing Mistakes
Mode line indicators7.10 The Calc Mode Line
Modes variable7.9 The Modes Variable
Modulo division5.10 Modulo Forms
Modulo forms5.10 Modulo Forms
Multiplication, implicit5.15 Formulas

Nameless functions10.8.1 Specifying Operators
nan variable5.5 Infinities
Narrowing the stack7.7.8 Truncating the Stack
Negative numbers, entering4.4 Numeric Entry
Newton's method11.7.1 Root Finding
Non-decimal numbers7.7.1 Radix Modes
Normalizing a vector3.3.1 Vector Analysis
Numerator of a fraction, extracting10.1 Packing and Unpacking
Numeric entry4.4 Numeric Entry
Numerical integration3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Numerical Recipes1.6 History and Acknowledgements
Numerical root-finding11.7.1 Root Finding

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