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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Index of Algebraic Functions: Q -- V

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Index Entry Section

quote11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules

raccum10.8.3 Reducing
rad8.4 Conversions
random9.5 Random Numbers
rash8.7 Binary Number Functions
rate8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
rateb8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
ratel8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
ratint11.8.6 Polynomial Interpolation
rcons10.2 Building Vectors
rcons (rewrites)11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
rdup10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
re8.3 Complex Number Functions
real11.10 Logical Operations
rect8.4 Conversions
reduce10.8.3 Reducing
reducea10.8.3 Reducing
reducec10.8.3 Reducing
reduced10.8.3 Reducing
reducer10.8.3 Reducing
refers11.10 Logical Operations
relch8.6.1 Percentages
remember11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
rev10.4 Manipulating Vectors
rewrite11.11 Rewrite Rules
rgrade10.4 Manipulating Vectors
rhead10.2 Building Vectors
rmeq11.10 Logical Operations
rnorm10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
root11.7.1 Root Finding
roots11.6.1 Multiple Solutions
rot8.7 Binary Number Functions
round8.2 Integer Truncation
rounde8.2 Integer Truncation
roundu8.2 Integer Truncation
rreduce10.8.3 Reducing
rreducea10.8.3 Reducing
rreducec10.8.3 Reducing
rreduced10.8.3 Reducing
rreducer10.8.3 Reducing
rsh8.7 Binary Number Functions
rsort10.4 Manipulating Vectors
rsubvec10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
rtail10.2 Building Vectors

scf8.1 Basic Arithmetic
schedule11.11.8 Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules
sdev5.11 Error Forms
second8.5.2 Date Functions
select11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
seq3.7.55 Rewrites Tutorial Exercise 4
shuffle9.5 Random Numbers
Si3.6 Programming Tutorial
sign8.1 Basic Arithmetic
simplify11.3 Simplifying Formulas
sin9.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
sincos9.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
sinh9.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
sln8.6.5 Depreciation Functions
solve11.6 Solving Equations
sort10.4 Manipulating Vectors
sqr9. Scientific Functions
sqrt8.1 Basic Arithmetic
stir19.6 Combinatorial Functions
stir29.6 Combinatorial Functions
string5.7 Strings
sub10.8.1 Specifying Operators
subscr10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
subst11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
subvec10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
sum11.9 Summations
syd8.6.5 Depreciation Functions

table11.9 Summations
tail10.2 Building Vectors
tan9.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
tanh9.2 Trigonometric/Hyperbolic Functions
taylor11.5.5 Taylor Series
tderiv11.5.1 Differentiation
thecoefs11.4 Polynomials
thefactors11.4 Polynomials
tilde7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
time8.5.2 Date Functions
totient9.6 Combinatorial Functions
tr10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
trn10.4 Manipulating Vectors
trunc8.2 Integer Truncation
typeof11.10 Logical Operations
tzconv8.5.1 Date Conversions
tzone8.5.4 Time Zones

under7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
unixtime8.5.1 Date Conversions
unpack10.1 Packing and Unpacking
unpackt10.1 Packing and Unpacking
usimplify12.1 Basic Operations on Units
utpb9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
utpc9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
utpf9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
utpn9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
utpp9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
utpt9.7 Probability Distribution Functions

variable11.10 Logical Operations
vcard10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vcompl10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vconcat10.8.1 Specifying Operators
vcorr10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
vcount10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vcov10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
vdiff10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vec5.6 Vectors and Matrices
Vec7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
venum10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vexp10.4 Manipulating Vectors
vflat10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vfloor10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vgmean10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vhmean10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vint10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vlen10.4 Manipulating Vectors
vmask10.4 Manipulating Vectors
vmatches11.11.10 Matching Commands
vmax10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vmean10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vmeane10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vmedian10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vmin10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vpack10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vpcov10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
vprod10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vpsdev10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vpvar10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vsdev10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vspan10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vsum10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vunion10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vunpack10.6 Set Operations using Vectors
vvar10.7.1 Single-Variable Statistics
vxor10.6 Set Operations using Vectors

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