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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Index of Algebraic Functions: J -- P

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Index Entry Section

julian8.5.1 Date Conversions

lambda10.8.1 Specifying Operators
land11.10 Logical Operations
lcm9.6 Combinatorial Functions
leq11.10 Logical Operations
let11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
lin11.10 Logical Operations
linnt11.10 Logical Operations
ln9.1 Logarithmic Functions
lnot11.10 Logical Operations
lnp19.1 Logarithmic Functions
log9.1 Logarithmic Functions
log109.1 Logarithmic Functions
lor11.10 Logical Operations
lsh8.7 Binary Number Functions
lt11.10 Logical Operations
ltpb9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
ltpc9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
ltpf9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
ltpn9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
ltpp9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
ltpt9.7 Probability Distribution Functions
lud10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic

makemod5.10 Modulo Forms
mant8.1 Basic Arithmetic
map10.8.2 Mapping
mapa10.8.2 Mapping
mapc10.8.2 Mapping
mapd10.8.2 Mapping
mapeq11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
mapeqp11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
mapeqr11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
mapr10.8.2 Mapping
match11.11.10 Matching Commands
matches11.11.10 Matching Commands
matchnot11.11.10 Matching Commands
max8.1 Basic Arithmetic
maximize11.7.2 Minimization
mcol10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
mdims10.4 Manipulating Vectors
min8.1 Basic Arithmetic
minimize11.7.2 Minimization
minute8.5.2 Date Functions
mod10.8.1 Specifying Operators
mod (operator)5.10 Modulo Forms
moebius9.6 Combinatorial Functions
month8.5.2 Date Functions
mrcol10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
mrow10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
mrrow10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
mul10.8.1 Specifying Operators
mysin18.5.5.2 The Sine Function

neg10.8.1 Specifying Operators
negative11.10 Logical Operations
neq11.10 Logical Operations
nest10.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points
newmonth8.5.2 Date Functions
newweek8.5.2 Date Functions
newyear8.5.2 Date Functions
nextprime9.6 Combinatorial Functions
ninteg11.5.4 Numerical Integration
nonvar11.10 Logical Operations
not8.7 Binary Number Functions
now8.5.2 Date Functions
nper8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
nperb8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
nperl8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
npv8.6.3 Present Value
npvb8.6.3 Present Value
nrat11.4 Polynomials
nroot8.1 Basic Arithmetic
nterms3.7.56 Rewrites Tutorial Exercise 5

opt11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
or8.7 Binary Number Functions
outer10.8.5 Generalized Products

pack10.1 Packing and Unpacking
pand11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
pclean8.4 Conversions
pcont11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
pdeg11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
pdiv11.4 Polynomials
pdivide11.4 Polynomials
pdivrem11.4 Polynomials
percent8.6.1 Percentages
perm9.6 Combinatorial Functions
pfloat8.4 Conversions
pfrac8.4 Conversions
pgcd11.4 Polynomials
phase11.11.8 Multi-Phase Rewrite Rules
plain11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
plead11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
pmt8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
pmtb8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
pnot11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
polar8.4 Conversions
polint11.8.6 Polynomial Interpolation
poly11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
por11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
pow10.8.1 Specifying Operators
pprim11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
prem11.4 Polynomials
prevprime9.6 Combinatorial Functions
prfac9.6 Combinatorial Functions
prime9.6 Combinatorial Functions
Prime7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
prod11.9 Summations
pv8.6.3 Present Value
pvb8.6.3 Present Value
pvl8.6.3 Present Value
pwday8.5.2 Date Functions

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