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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Index of Algebraic Functions: D -- I

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Index Entry Section

date8.5.1 Date Conversions
day8.5.2 Date Functions
ddb8.6.5 Depreciation Functions
decr8.1 Basic Arithmetic
deg8.4 Conversions
deriv11.5.1 Differentiation
det10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
deven7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dfact9.6 Combinatorial Functions
diag10.2 Building Vectors
diff8.7 Binary Number Functions
dimag7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dint7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
div10.8.1 Specifying Operators
dnatnum7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dneg7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dnonneg7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dnonzero7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dnumint7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dodd7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dot7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
dotdot7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
dpos7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
drange7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
drat7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dreal7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dsadj8.5.4 Time Zones
dscalar7.6.3 Functions for Declarations
dyad7.8.3 TeX Language Mode

efit11.8.3 Error Estimates for Fits
egcd9.6 Combinatorial Functions
Ei11.5.3 Customizing the Integrator
elim11.6.2 Solving Systems of Equations
ends11.11.6 Composing Patterns in Rewrite Rules
eq11.10 Logical Operations
erf9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
erfc9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
esimplify11.3.3 "Unsafe" Simplifications
euler9.6 Combinatorial Functions
eval11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalextsimp11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalsimp11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
evalto13.5 The Evaluates-To Operator
evalv11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
evalvn11.2 Algebraic Manipulation
exp9.1 Logarithmic Functions
exp109.1 Logarithmic Functions
expand11.4 Polynomials
expm19.1 Logarithmic Functions

fact9.6 Combinatorial Functions
factor11.4 Polynomials
factors11.4 Polynomials
fceil8.2 Integer Truncation
fdiv8.1 Basic Arithmetic
ffinv11.6.1 Multiple Solutions
ffloor8.2 Integer Truncation
fib3.5.2 Rewrite Rules
find10.4 Manipulating Vectors
finv11.6.1 Multiple Solutions
fit11.8.1 Linear Fits
fitdummy11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
fitmodel11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
fitparam11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
fitsystem11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
fitvar11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
fixp10.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points
float8.4 Conversions
floor8.2 Integer Truncation
frac8.4 Conversions
fround8.2 Integer Truncation
frounde8.2 Integer Truncation
froundu8.2 Integer Truncation
fsolve11.6.1 Multiple Solutions
ftrunc8.2 Integer Truncation
fv8.6.2 Future Value
fvb8.6.2 Future Value
fvl8.6.2 Future Value

gamma9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
gammaG9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
gammag9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
gammaP9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
gammaQ9.3 Advanced Mathematical Functions
gcd9.6 Combinatorial Functions
geq11.10 Logical Operations
getdiag10.3 Extracting Vector Elements
gpoly11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
grade10.4 Manipulating Vectors
grave7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
gt11.10 Logical Operations

hasfitparams11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
hasfitvars11.8.5 Curve Fitting Details
hat7.8.3 TeX Language Mode
head10.2 Building Vectors
histogram10.4 Manipulating Vectors
hms8.4 Conversions
holiday8.5.3 Business Days
hour8.5.2 Date Functions
hypot8.1 Basic Arithmetic

idiv8.1 Basic Arithmetic
idn10.2 Building Vectors
ierf11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
if11.10 Logical Operations
ilog9.1 Logarithmic Functions
im8.3 Complex Number Functions
import11.11.5 Other Features of Rewrite Rules
in11.10 Logical Operations
incmonth8.5.2 Date Functions
incr8.1 Basic Arithmetic
incyear8.5.2 Date Functions
index10.2 Building Vectors
inner10.8.5 Generalized Products
integ11.5.2 Integration
integer11.10 Logical Operations
intv5.12 Interval Forms
inv8.1 Basic Arithmetic
inv (matrices)10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
irr8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
irrb8.6.4 Related Financial Functions
islin11.10 Logical Operations
islinnt11.10 Logical Operations
isqrt8.1 Basic Arithmetic
istrue11.10 Logical Operations
iterations11.11.7 Nested Formulas with Rewrite Rules

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