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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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"Computation got stuck" message4.11.2 Recursion Depth

`.emacs' file, mode settings7.1 General Mode Commands
`.emacs' file, user-defined commands18.1 Creating User Keys
`.emacs' file, user-defined units12.4 User-Defined Units
`.emacs' file, veriables13.3 Other Operations on Variables

`=>' operator13.5 The Evaluates-To Operator

Accuracy of calculations5.3 Floats
Accuracy of calculations7.2 Precision
Algebraic mode4.5 Algebraic Entry
Algebraic notation4.5 Algebraic Entry
Algebraic simplifications11.3.2 Algebraic Simplifications
AlgSimpRules variable11.11.11 Automatic Rewrites
Alternating sums11.9 Summations
Angle and slope of a line3.4 Types Tutorial
Angular mode7.4.1 Angular Modes
Area under a curve3.5.1 Basic Algebra
Arguments, not evaluated11.10 Logical Operations
Arguments, restoring4.8 Undoing Mistakes
Arranging a matrix10.4 Manipulating Vectors

Beatles3.4 Types Tutorial
Bernoulli numbers, approximate3.6 Programming Tutorial
Bibliography1.6 History and Acknowledgements
Binary numbers8.7 Binary Number Functions
Binary operators3.2 Arithmetic Tutorial
Branch cuts9.4 Branch Cuts and Principal Values
Breaking up long lines7.8.1 Normal Language Modes

C language7.8.2 C, FORTRAN, and Pascal Modes
Caches4.11.3 Caches
`calc-ext' module4.1 Basic Commands
Character strings5.7 Strings
Clearing the stack3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Coefficients of polynomial11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
Columns of data, extracting3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Common logarithm3.2 Arithmetic Tutorial
Complex numbers5.4 Complex Numbers
Composite units12.1 Basic Operations on Units
Compositions7.8.7 Compositions
Conditional structures18.2.2 Conditionals in Keyboard Macros
Continued fractions3.6 Programming Tutorial
Continuous memory7.1 General Mode Commands
Correlation coefficient10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
Covariance10.7.2 Paired-Sample Statistics
Cross product3.3.1 Vector Analysis

Data, extracting from buffers3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Date arithmetic, additional functions8.5 Date Arithmetic
Date forms5.9 Date Forms
Daylight savings time8.5.4 Time Zones
Decimal and non-decimal numbers7.7.1 Radix Modes
Declaring scalar variables7.4.6 Matrix and Scalar Modes
Decls variable7.6.1 Declaration Basics
Default simplifications11.3.1 Default Simplifications
Degree of polynomial11.6.3 Decomposing Polynomials
Degrees-minutes-seconds forms5.8 HMS Forms
Deleting stack entries6.1 Stack Manipulation Commands
Demonstration of Calc1.4 A Demonstration of Calc
Digamma function3.6 Programming Tutorial
Digit grouping7.7.2 Grouping Digits
Digits, vectors of3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Division of integers7.4.3 Fraction Mode
Divisor functions3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Dot product3.3.1 Vector Analysis
Duplicate values in a list3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Duplicating a stack entry3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Duplicating stack entries6.1 Stack Manipulation Commands

e variable5.14 Variables
e variable9. Scientific Functions
Editing the stack with Emacs6.2 Editing Stack Entries
Editing user definitions18.1 Creating User Keys
Emptying the stack3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Engineering notation, display of7.7.3 Float Formats
Entering numbers4.4 Numeric Entry
Equations, solving11.6 Solving Equations
Error forms5.11 Error Forms
Errors, messages4.9 Error Messages
Errors, undoing4.8 Undoing Mistakes
Euler's gamma constant3.6 Programming Tutorial
Euler's gamma constant9. Scientific Functions
EvalRules variable11.11.11 Automatic Rewrites
Evaluates-to operator13.5 The Evaluates-To Operator
Evaluation of variables in a formula5.14 Variables
Exchanging stack entries3.1.1 RPN Calculations and the Stack
Exiting the Calculator4.1 Basic Commands
Exponential integral Ei(x)11.5.3 Customizing the Integrator
Expressions5.15 Formulas
Extended simplification11.3.3 "Unsafe" Simplifications
Extensions module4.1 Basic Commands
ExtSimpRules variable11.11.11 Automatic Rewrites

Fermat, primality test of3.4 Types Tutorial
Fibonacci numbers3.5.2 Rewrite Rules
Fibonacci numbers3.6 Programming Tutorial
Fitting data to a line3.3.3 Vectors as Lists
Fixed points10.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points
Flattening a matrix10.4 Manipulating Vectors
Floating-point numbers5.3 Floats
Floats vs. fractions3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Flushing caches4.11.3 Caches
Formulas5.15 Formulas
Formulas, entering4.5 Algebraic Entry
Formulas, evaluation5.14 Variables
Formulas, referring to stack4.5 Algebraic Entry
FORTRAN language7.8.2 C, FORTRAN, and Pascal Modes
Fraction mode7.4.3 Fraction Mode
Fractional part of a number8.2 Integer Truncation
Fractions5.2 Fractions
Fractions vs. floats3.1.4 Mode-Setting Commands
Function call notation5.15 Formulas

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