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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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A.13 Testing the Installation

To test your installation of Calc, start a new Emacs and type M-# c to make sure the autoloads and key bindings work. Type M-# i to make sure Calc can find its Info documentation. Press q to exit the Info system and M-# c to re-enter the Calculator. Type 20 S to compute the sine of 20 degrees; this will test the autoloading of the extensions modules. The result should be 0.342020143326. Finally, press M-# c again to make sure the Calculator can exit.

You may also wish to test the GNUPLOT interface; to plot a sine wave, type ' [0 .. 360], sin(x) RET g f. Type g q when you are done viewing the plot.

Calc is now ready to use. If you wish to go through the Calc Tutorial, press M-# t to begin.

(The above text is included in both the Calc documentation and the file INSTALL in the Calc distribution directory.)

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