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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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A.10 On-Line Documentation

The documentation for Calc (this manual) comes in a file called `calc.texinfo'. To format this for use as an on-line manual, type `make info' (to use the makeinfo program), or `make texinfo' (to use the texinfmt.el program which runs inside of Emacs). The former command is recommended if it works on your system; it is faster and produces nicer-looking output.

The makeinfo program will report inconsistencies involving the nodes "Copying" and "Interactive Tutorial"; these messages should be ignored.

The result will be a collection of files whose names begin with `calc.info'. You may wish to add a reference to the first of these, `calc.info' itself, to your Info system's `dir' file. (This is optional since the M-# i command can access `calc.info' whether or not it appears in the `dir' file.)

There is a Lisp variable called calc-info-filename which holds the name of the Info file containing Calc's on-line documentation. Its default value is "calc.info", which will work correctly if the Info files are stored in Emacs' main `info/' directory, or if they are in any of the directories listed in the load-path. If you keep them elsewhere, you will want to put a command of the form,

(setq calc-info-filename ".../calc.info")

in your `.emacs' or `lisp/default' file, where `...' represents the directory containing the Info files. This will not be necessary if you follow the normal installation procedures.

The `make info' and `make texinfo' commands compare the dates on the files `calc.texinfo' and `calc.info', and run the appropriate program only if the latter file is older or does not exist.


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