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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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A.3 Compilation

Calc is written in a way that maximizes performance when its code has been byte-compiled; a side effect is that performance is seriously degraded if it isn't compiled. Thus, it is essential to compile the Calculator before trying to use it. The function `calc-compile' in the file `calc-maint.el' runs the Emacs byte-compiler on all the Calc source files. (Specifically, it runs M-x byte-compile-file on all files in the current directory with names of the form `calc*.el', and also on the file `macedit.el'.)

If calc-compile finds that certain files have already been compiled and have not been changed since, then it will not bother to recompile those files.

The calc-compile command also pre-builds certain tables, such as the units table (see section 12.2 The Units Table) and the built-in rewrite rules (see section 11.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections) which Calc would otherwise need to rebuild every time those features were used.

The `make compile' shell command is simply a convenient way to start an Emacs and give it a calc-compile command.


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