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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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A.1 Upgrading from Calc 1.07

If you have Calc version 1.07 or earlier, you will find that Calc 2.00 is organized quite differently. For one, Calc 2.00 is now distributed already split into many parts; formerly this was done as part of the installation procedure. Also, some new functions must be autoloaded and the M-# key must be bound to calc-dispatch instead of to calc.

The easiest way to upgrade is to delete your old Calc files and then install Calc 2.00 from scratch using the above instructions. You should then go into your `.emacs' or `default' file and remove the old autoload and global-set-key commands for Calc, since `make public'/`make private' has added new, better ones.

See the `README' and `README.prev' files in the Calc distribution for more information about what has changed since version 1.07. (`README.prev' describes changes before 2.00, and is present only in the FTP and tape versions of the distribution.)


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