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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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Variables in the formula passed to calc-eval are not normally replaced by their values. If you wish this, you can use the evalv function (see section 11.2 Algebraic Manipulation). For example, if 4 is stored in Calc variable a (i.e., in Lisp variable var-a), then `(calc-eval "a+pi")' will return the formula "a + pi", but `(calc-eval "evalv(a+pi)")' will return "7.14159265359".

To store in a Calc variable, just use setq to store in the corresponding Lisp variable. (This is obtained by prepending `var-' to the Calc variable name.) Calc routines will understand either string or raw form values stored in variables, although raw data objects are much more efficient. For example, to increment the Calc variable a:

(setq var-a (calc-eval "evalv(a+1)" 'raw))


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