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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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If the input string parses to a list of expressions, Calc returns the results separated by ", ". You can specify a different separator by giving a second string argument to calc-eval: `(calc-eval "1+2,3+4" ";")' returns "3;7".

The "separator" can also be any of several Lisp symbols which request other behaviors from calc-eval. These are discussed one by one below.

You can give additional arguments to be substituted for `$', `$$', and so on in the main expression. For example, `(calc-eval "$/$$" nil "7" "1+1")' evaluates the expression "7/(1+1)" to yield the result "3.5" (assuming Fraction mode is not in effect). Note the nil used as a placeholder for the item-separator argument.


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