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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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18.2.5 Queries in Keyboard Macros

The Z = (calc-kbd-report) command displays an informative message including the value on the top of the stack. You are prompted to enter a string. That string, along with the top-of-stack value, is displayed unless m w (calc-working) has been used to turn such messages off.

The Z # (calc-kbd-query) command displays a prompt message (which you enter during macro definition), then does an algebraic entry which takes its input from the keyboard, even during macro execution. This command allows your keyboard macros to accept numbers or formulas as interactive input. All the normal conventions of algebraic input, including the use of $ characters, are supported.

See section `Kbd Macro Query' in the Emacs Manual, for a description of C-x q (kbd-macro-query), the standard Emacs way to accept keyboard input during a keyboard macro. In particular, you can use C-x q to enter a recursive edit, which allows the user to perform any Calculator operations interactively before pressing C-M-c to return control to the keyboard macro.

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