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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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14. Graphics

The commands for graphing data begin with the g prefix key. Calc uses GNUPLOT 2.0 or 3.0 to do graphics. These commands will only work if GNUPLOT is available on your system. (While GNUPLOT sounds like a relative of GNU Emacs, it is actually completely unrelated. However, it is free software and can be obtained from the Free Software Foundation's machine `prep.ai.mit.edu'.)

If you have GNUPLOT installed on your system but Calc is unable to find it, you may need to set the calc-gnuplot-name variable in your `.emacs' file. You may also need to set some Lisp variables to show Calc how to run GNUPLOT on your system; these are described under g D and g O below. If you are using the X window system, Calc will configure GNUPLOT for you automatically. If you have GNUPLOT 3.0 and you are not using X, Calc will configure GNUPLOT to display graphs using simple character graphics that will work on any terminal.

14.1 Basic Graphics  
14.2 Three-Dimensional Graphics  
14.3 Managing Curves  
14.4 Graphics Options  
14.5 Graphical Devices  

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