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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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13.2 Recalling Variables

The most straightforward way to extract the stored value from a variable is to use the s r (calc-recall) command. This command prompts for a variable name (similarly to calc-store), looks up the value of the specified variable, and pushes that value onto the stack. It is an error to try to recall a void variable.

It is also possible to recall the value from a variable by evaluating a formula containing that variable. For example, ' a RET = is the same as s r a RET except that if the variable is void, the former will simply leave the formula `a' on the stack whereas the latter will produce an error message.

The r prefix may be followed by a digit, so that r 9 is equivalent to s r 9. (The r prefix is otherwise unused in the current version of Calc.)

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