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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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11.3 Simplifying Formulas

The a s (calc-simplify) [simplify] command applies various algebraic rules to simplify a formula. This includes rules which are not part of the default simplifications because they may be too slow to apply all the time, or may not be desirable all of the time. For example, non-adjacent terms of sums are combined, as in `a + b + 2 a' to `b + 3 a', and some formulas like `sin(arcsin(x))' are simplified to `x'.

The sections below describe all the various kinds of algebraic simplifications Calc provides in full detail. None of Calc's simplification commands are designed to pull rabbits out of hats; they simply apply certain specific rules to put formulas into less redundant or more pleasing forms. Serious algebra in Calc must be done manually, usually with a combination of selections and rewrite rules. See section 11.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections. See section 11.11 Rewrite Rules.

See section 7.5 Simplification Modes, for commands to control what level of simplification occurs automatically. Normally only the "default simplifications" occur.

11.3.1 Default Simplifications  
11.3.2 Algebraic Simplifications  
11.3.3 "Unsafe" Simplifications  
11.3.4 Simplification of Units  

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