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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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11.1 Selecting Sub-Formulas

When working with an algebraic formula it is often necessary to manipulate a portion of the formula rather than the formula as a whole. Calc allows you to "select" a portion of any formula on the stack. Commands which would normally operate on that stack entry will now operate only on the sub-formula, leaving the surrounding part of the stack entry alone.

One common non-algebraic use for selection involves vectors. To work on one element of a vector in-place, simply select that element as a "sub-formula" of the vector.

11.1.1 Making Selections  
11.1.2 Changing Selections  
11.1.3 Displaying Selections  
11.1.4 Operating on Selections  
11.1.5 Rearranging Formulas using Selections  

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