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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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10.8 Reducing and Mapping Vectors

The commands in this section allow for more general operations on the elements of vectors.

The simplest of these operations is V A (calc-apply) [apply], which applies a given operator to the elements of a vector. For example, applying the hypothetical function f to the vector `[1, 2, 3]' would produce the function call `f(1, 2, 3)'. Applying the + function to the vector `[a, b]' gives `a + b'. Applying + to the vector `[a, b, c]' is an error, since the + function expects exactly two arguments.

While V A is useful in some cases, you will usually find that either V R or V M, described below, is closer to what you want.

10.8.1 Specifying Operators  
10.8.2 Mapping  
10.8.3 Reducing  
10.8.4 Nesting and Fixed Points  
10.8.5 Generalized Products  

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