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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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10. Vector/Matrix Functions

Many of the commands described here begin with the v prefix. (For convenience, the shift-V prefix is equivalent to v.) The commands usually apply to both plain vectors and matrices; some apply only to matrices or only to square matrices. If the argument has the wrong dimensions the operation is left in symbolic form.

Vectors are entered and displayed using `[a,b,c]' notation. Matrices are vectors of which all elements are vectors of equal length. (Though none of the standard Calc commands use this concept, a three-dimensional matrix or rank-3 tensor could be defined as a vector of matrices, and so on.)

10.1 Packing and Unpacking  
10.2 Building Vectors  
10.3 Extracting Vector Elements  
10.4 Manipulating Vectors  
10.5 Vector and Matrix Arithmetic  
10.6 Set Operations using Vectors  
10.7 Statistical Operations on Vectors  
10.8 Reducing and Mapping Vectors  
10.9 Vector and Matrix Display Formats  

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