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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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7.8.8 Syntax Tables

Syntax tables do for input what compositions do for output: They allow you to teach custom notations to Calc's formula parser. Calc keeps a separate syntax table for each language mode.

(Note that the Calc "syntax tables" discussed here are completely unrelated to the syntax tables described in the Emacs manual.)

The Z S (calc-edit-user-syntax) command edits the syntax table for the current language mode. If you want your syntax to work in any language, define it in the normal language mode. Type M-# M-# to finish editing the syntax table, or M-# x to cancel the edit. The m m command saves all the syntax tables along with the other mode settings; see section 7.1 General Mode Commands. Syntax Table Basics Precedence Advanced Syntax Patterns Conditional Syntax Rules  

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