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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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7.8.5 Mathematica Language Mode

The d M (calc-mathematica-language) command selects the conventions of Mathematica, a powerful and popular mathematical tool from Wolfram Research, Inc. Notable differences in Mathematica mode are that the names of built-in functions are capitalized, and function calls use square brackets instead of parentheses. Thus the Calc formula `sin(2 x)' is entered and displayed `Sin[2 x]' in Mathematica mode.

Vectors and matrices use curly braces in Mathematica. Complex numbers are written `3 + 4 I'. The standard special constants in Calc are written Pi, E, I, GoldenRatio, EulerGamma, Infinity, ComplexInfinity, and Indeterminate in Mathematica mode. Non-decimal numbers are written, e.g., `16^^7fff'. Floating-point numbers in scientific notation are written `1.23*10.^3'. Subscripts use double square brackets: `a[[i]]'.

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