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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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7.7.6 HMS Formats

The d h (calc-hms-notation) command controls the display of HMS (hours-minutes-seconds) forms. It prompts for a string which consists basically of an "hours" marker, optional punctuation, a "minutes" marker, more optional punctuation, and a "seconds" marker. Punctuation is zero or more spaces, commas, or semicolons. The hours marker is one or more non-punctuation characters. The minutes and seconds markers must be single non-punctuation characters.

The default HMS format is `@ ' "', producing HMS values of the form `23@ 30' 15.75"'. The format `deg, ms' would display this same value as `23deg, 30m15.75s'. During numeric entry, the h or o keys are recognized as synonyms for @ regardless of display format. The m and s keys are recognized as synonyms for ' and ", respectively, but only if an @ (or h or o) has already been typed; otherwise, they have their usual meanings (m- prefix and s- prefix). Thus, 5 ", 0 @ 5 ", and 0 h 5 s are some of the ways to enter the quantity "five seconds." The ' key is recognized as "minutes" only if @ (or h or o) has already been pressed; otherwise it means to switch to algebraic entry.

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