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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

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GNU Emacs Calc 2.02 Manual

@ichapter The GNU Emacs Calculator

Calc 2.02 is an advanced desk calculator and mathematical tool that runs as part of the GNU Emacs environment.

This manual is divided into three major parts: "Getting Started," the "Calc Tutorial," and the "Calc Reference." The Tutorial introduces all the major aspects of Calculator use in an easy, hands-on way. The remainder of the manual is a complete reference to the features of the Calculator.

For help in the Emacs Info system (which you are using to read this file), type ?. (You can also type h to run through a longer Info tutorial.)

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  How you can copy and share Calc.

1. Getting Started  General description and overview.
3. Tutorial  A step-by-step introduction for beginners.

4. Introduction  Introduction to the Calc reference manual.
5. Data Types  Types of objects manipulated by Calc.
6. Stack and Trail Commands  Manipulating the stack and trail buffers.
7. Mode Settings  Adjusting display format and other modes.
8. Arithmetic Functions  Basic arithmetic functions.
9. Scientific Functions  Transcendentals and other scientific functions.
10. Vector/Matrix Functions  Operations on vectors and matrices.
11. Algebra  Manipulating expressions algebraically.
12. Operating on Units  Operations on numbers with units.
13. Storing and Recalling  Storing and recalling variables.
14. Graphics  Commands for making graphs of data.
15. Kill and Yank Functions  Moving data into and out of Calc.
17. Embedded Mode  Working with formulas embedded in a file.
18. Programming  Calc as a programmable calculator.

A. Installation  Installing Calc as a part of GNU Emacs.
B. Reporting Bugs  How to report bugs and make suggestions.

C. Calc Summary  Summary of Calc commands and functions.

Index of Key Sequences  The standard Calc key sequences.
Index of Calculator Commands  The interactive Calc commands.
Index of Algebraic Functions  Functions (in algebraic formulas).
Concept Index  General concepts.
Index of Variables  Variables used by Calc (both user and internal).
Index of Lisp Math Functions  Internal Lisp math functions.

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