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Bison 1.875

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4. Parser C-Language Interface

The Bison parser is actually a C function named yyparse. Here we describe the interface conventions of yyparse and the other functions that it needs to use.

Keep in mind that the parser uses many C identifiers starting with `yy' and `YY' for internal purposes. If you use such an identifier (aside from those in this manual) in an action or in epilogue in the grammar file, you are likely to run into trouble.

4.1 The Parser Function yyparse  How to call yyparse and what it returns.
4.2 The Lexical Analyzer Function yylex  You must supply a function yylex which reads tokens.
4.3 The Error Reporting Function yyerror  You must supply a function yyerror.
4.4 Special Features for Use in Actions  Special features for use in actions.

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