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Bison 1.875

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3.1.1 The prologue

The Prologue section contains macro definitions and declarations of functions and variables that are used in the actions in the grammar rules. These are copied to the beginning of the parser file so that they precede the definition of yyparse. You can use `#include' to get the declarations from a header file. If you don't need any C declarations, you may omit the `%{' and `%}' delimiters that bracket this section.

You may have more than one Prologue section, intermixed with the Bison declarations. This allows you to have C and Bison declarations that refer to each other. For example, the %union declaration may use types defined in a header file, and you may wish to prototype functions that take arguments of type YYSTYPE. This can be done with two Prologue blocks, one before and one after the %union declaration.

  #include <stdio.h>
  #include "ptypes.h"

%union {
  long n;
  tree t;  /* tree is defined in `ptypes.h'. */

  static void print_token_value (FILE *, int, YYSTYPE);
  #define YYPRINT(F, N, L) print_token_value (F, N, L)


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