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Bison 1.875

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3. Bison Grammar Files

Bison takes as input a context-free grammar specification and produces a C-language function that recognizes correct instances of the grammar.

The Bison grammar input file conventionally has a name ending in `.y'. See section Invoking Bison.

3.1 Outline of a Bison Grammar  Overall layout of the grammar file.
3.2 Symbols, Terminal and Nonterminal  Terminal and nonterminal symbols.
3.3 Syntax of Grammar Rules  How to write grammar rules.
3.4 Recursive Rules  Writing recursive rules.
3.5 Defining Language Semantics  Semantic values and actions.
3.6 Tracking Locations  Locations and actions.
3.7 Bison Declarations  All kinds of Bison declarations are described here.
3.8 Multiple Parsers in the Same Program  Putting more than one Bison parser in one program.

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