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Bison 1.875

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2.1 Reverse Polish Notation Calculator

The first example is that of a simple double-precision reverse polish notation calculator (a calculator using postfix operators). This example provides a good starting point, since operator precedence is not an issue. The second example will illustrate how operator precedence is handled.

The source code for this calculator is named `rpcalc.y'. The `.y' extension is a convention used for Bison input files.

2.1.1 Declarations for rpcalc  Prologue (declarations) for rpcalc.
2.1.2 Grammar Rules for rpcalc  Grammar Rules for rpcalc, with explanation.
2.1.3 The rpcalc Lexical Analyzer  The lexical analyzer.
2.1.4 The Controlling Function  The controlling function.
2.1.5 The Error Reporting Routine  The error reporting function.
2.1.6 Running Bison to Make the Parser  Running Bison on the grammar file.
2.1.7 Compiling the Parser File  Run the C compiler on the output code.

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