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3.2.1 Porting to a new version of coff

The recommended method is to select from the existing implementations the version of coff which is most like the one you want to use. For example, we'll say that i386 coff is the one you select, and that your coff flavour is called foo. Copy `i386coff.c' to `foocoff.c', copy `../include/coff/i386.h' to `../include/coff/foo.h', and add the lines to `targets.c' and `Makefile.in' so that your new back end is used. Alter the shapes of the structures in `../include/coff/foo.h' so that they match what you need. You will probably also have to add #ifdefs to the code in `coff/internal.h' and `coffcode.h' if your version of coff is too wild.

You can verify that your new BFD backend works quite simply by building `objdump' from the `binutils' directory, and making sure that its version of what's going on and your host system's idea (assuming it has the pretty standard coff dump utility, usually called att-dump or just dump) are the same. Then clean up your code, and send what you've done to Cygnus. Then your stuff will be in the next release, and you won't have to keep integrating it.

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