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3.2 coff backends

BFD supports a number of different flavours of coff format. The major differences between formats are the sizes and alignments of fields in structures on disk, and the occasional extra field.

Coff in all its varieties is implemented with a few common files and a number of implementation specific files. For example, The 88k bcs coff format is implemented in the file `coff-m88k.c'. This file #includes `coff/m88k.h' which defines the external structure of the coff format for the 88k, and `coff/internal.h' which defines the internal structure. `coff-m88k.c' also defines the relocations used by the 88k format See section 2.10 Relocations.

The Intel i960 processor version of coff is implemented in `coff-i960.c'. This file has the same structure as `coff-m88k.c', except that it includes `coff/i960.h' rather than `coff-m88k.h'.

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