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bfd *bfd_fdopenr(const char *filename, const char *target, int fd);
bfd_fdopenr is to bfd_fopenr much like fdopen is to fopen. It opens a BFD on a file already described by the fd supplied.

When the file is later bfd_closed, the file descriptor will be closed.

If the caller desires that this file descriptor be cached by BFD (opened as needed, closed as needed to free descriptors for other opens), with the supplied fd used as an initial file descriptor (but subject to closure at any time), call bfd_set_cacheable(bfd, 1) on the returned BFD. The default is to assume no cacheing; the file descriptor will remain open until bfd_close, and will not be affected by BFD operations on other files.

Possible errors are bfd_error_no_memory, bfd_error_invalid_target and bfd_error_system_call.

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