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2.14.2 bfd_arch_info

This structure contains information on architectures for use within BFD.
typedef struct bfd_arch_info
  int bits_per_word;
  int bits_per_address;
  int bits_per_byte;
  enum bfd_architecture arch;
  unsigned long mach;
  const char *arch_name;
  const char *printable_name;
  unsigned int section_align_power;
  /* True if this is the default machine for the architecture.
     The default arch should be the first entry for an arch so that
     all the entries for that arch can be accessed via next.  */
  boolean the_default;
  const struct bfd_arch_info * (*compatible)
       PARAMS ((const struct bfd_arch_info *a,
                const struct bfd_arch_info *b));

  boolean (*scan) PARAMS ((const struct bfd_arch_info *, const char *));

  const struct bfd_arch_info *next;

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