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2.14 Architectures

BFD keeps one atom in a BFD describing the architecture of the data attached to the BFD: a pointer to a bfd_arch_info_type.

Pointers to structures can be requested independently of a BFD so that an architecture's information can be interrogated without access to an open BFD.

The architecture information is provided by each architecture package. The set of default architectures is selected by the macro SELECT_ARCHITECTURES. This is normally set up in the `config/target.mt' file of your choice. If the name is not defined, then all the architectures supported are included.

When BFD starts up, all the architectures are called with an initialize method. It is up to the architecture back end to insert as many items into the list of architectures as it wants to; generally this would be one for each machine and one for the default case (an item with a machine field of 0).

BFD's idea of an architecture is implemented in `archures.c'.

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