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8.27.4 Opcodes

For detailed information on the Z8000 machine instruction set, see Z8000 Technical Manual.

The following table summarizes the opcodes and their arguments:
            rs   16 bit source register
            rd   16 bit destination register
            rbs   8 bit source register
            rbd   8 bit destination register
            rrs   32 bit source register
            rrd   32 bit destination register
            rqs   64 bit source register
            rqd   64 bit destination register
            addr 16/24 bit address
            imm  immediate data

adc rd,rs               clrb addr               cpsir @rd,@rs,rr,cc
adcb rbd,rbs            clrb addr(rd)           cpsirb @rd,@rs,rr,cc
add rd,@rs              clrb rbd                dab rbd
add rd,addr             com @rd                 dbjnz rbd,disp7
add rd,addr(rs)         com addr                dec @rd,imm4m1
add rd,imm16            com addr(rd)            dec addr(rd),imm4m1
add rd,rs               com rd                  dec addr,imm4m1
addb rbd,@rs            comb @rd                dec rd,imm4m1
addb rbd,addr           comb addr               decb @rd,imm4m1
addb rbd,addr(rs)       comb addr(rd)           decb addr(rd),imm4m1
addb rbd,imm8           comb rbd                decb addr,imm4m1
addb rbd,rbs            comflg flags            decb rbd,imm4m1
addl rrd,@rs            cp @rd,imm16            di i2
addl rrd,addr           cp addr(rd),imm16       div rrd,@rs
addl rrd,addr(rs)       cp addr,imm16           div rrd,addr
addl rrd,imm32          cp rd,@rs               div rrd,addr(rs)
addl rrd,rrs            cp rd,addr              div rrd,imm16
and rd,@rs              cp rd,addr(rs)          div rrd,rs
and rd,addr             cp rd,imm16             divl rqd,@rs
and rd,addr(rs)         cp rd,rs                divl rqd,addr
and rd,imm16            cpb @rd,imm8            divl rqd,addr(rs)
and rd,rs               cpb addr(rd),imm8       divl rqd,imm32
andb rbd,@rs            cpb addr,imm8           divl rqd,rrs
andb rbd,addr           cpb rbd,@rs             djnz rd,disp7
andb rbd,addr(rs)       cpb rbd,addr            ei i2
andb rbd,imm8           cpb rbd,addr(rs)        ex rd,@rs
andb rbd,rbs            cpb rbd,imm8            ex rd,addr
bit @rd,imm4            cpb rbd,rbs             ex rd,addr(rs)
bit addr(rd),imm4       cpd rd,@rs,rr,cc        ex rd,rs
bit addr,imm4           cpdb rbd,@rs,rr,cc      exb rbd,@rs
bit rd,imm4             cpdr rd,@rs,rr,cc       exb rbd,addr
bit rd,rs               cpdrb rbd,@rs,rr,cc     exb rbd,addr(rs)
bitb @rd,imm4           cpi rd,@rs,rr,cc        exb rbd,rbs
bitb addr(rd),imm4      cpib rbd,@rs,rr,cc      ext0e imm8
bitb addr,imm4          cpir rd,@rs,rr,cc       ext0f imm8
bitb rbd,imm4           cpirb rbd,@rs,rr,cc     ext8e imm8
bitb rbd,rs             cpl rrd,@rs             ext8f imm8
bpt                     cpl rrd,addr            exts rrd
call @rd                cpl rrd,addr(rs)        extsb rd
call addr               cpl rrd,imm32           extsl rqd
call addr(rd)           cpl rrd,rrs             halt
calr disp12             cpsd @rd,@rs,rr,cc      in rd,@rs
clr @rd                 cpsdb @rd,@rs,rr,cc     in rd,imm16
clr addr                cpsdr @rd,@rs,rr,cc     inb rbd,@rs
clr addr(rd)            cpsdrb @rd,@rs,rr,cc    inb rbd,imm16
clr rd                  cpsi @rd,@rs,rr,cc      inc @rd,imm4m1
clrb @rd                cpsib @rd,@rs,rr,cc     inc addr(rd),imm4m1
inc addr,imm4m1         ldb rbd,rs(rx)          mult rrd,addr(rs)
inc rd,imm4m1           ldb rd(imm16),rbs       mult rrd,imm16
incb @rd,imm4m1         ldb rd(rx),rbs          mult rrd,rs
incb addr(rd),imm4m1    ldctl ctrl,rs           multl rqd,@rs
incb addr,imm4m1        ldctl rd,ctrl           multl rqd,addr
incb rbd,imm4m1         ldd @rs,@rd,rr          multl rqd,addr(rs)
ind @rd,@rs,ra          lddb @rs,@rd,rr         multl rqd,imm32
indb @rd,@rs,rba        lddr @rs,@rd,rr         multl rqd,rrs
inib @rd,@rs,ra         lddrb @rs,@rd,rr        neg @rd
inibr @rd,@rs,ra        ldi @rd,@rs,rr          neg addr
iret                    ldib @rd,@rs,rr         neg addr(rd)
jp cc,@rd               ldir @rd,@rs,rr         neg rd
jp cc,addr              ldirb @rd,@rs,rr        negb @rd
jp cc,addr(rd)          ldk rd,imm4             negb addr
jr cc,disp8             ldl @rd,rrs             negb addr(rd)
ld @rd,imm16            ldl addr(rd),rrs        negb rbd
ld @rd,rs               ldl addr,rrs            nop
ld addr(rd),imm16       ldl rd(imm16),rrs       or rd,@rs
ld addr(rd),rs          ldl rd(rx),rrs          or rd,addr
ld addr,imm16           ldl rrd,@rs             or rd,addr(rs)
ld addr,rs              ldl rrd,addr            or rd,imm16
ld rd(imm16),rs         ldl rrd,addr(rs)        or rd,rs
ld rd(rx),rs            ldl rrd,imm32           orb rbd,@rs
ld rd,@rs               ldl rrd,rrs             orb rbd,addr
ld rd,addr              ldl rrd,rs(imm16)       orb rbd,addr(rs)
ld rd,addr(rs)          ldl rrd,rs(rx)          orb rbd,imm8
ld rd,imm16             ldm @rd,rs,n            orb rbd,rbs
ld rd,rs                ldm addr(rd),rs,n       out @rd,rs
ld rd,rs(imm16)         ldm addr,rs,n           out imm16,rs
ld rd,rs(rx)            ldm rd,@rs,n            outb @rd,rbs
lda rd,addr             ldm rd,addr(rs),n       outb imm16,rbs
lda rd,addr(rs)         ldm rd,addr,n           outd @rd,@rs,ra
lda rd,rs(imm16)        ldps @rs                outdb @rd,@rs,rba
lda rd,rs(rx)           ldps addr               outib @rd,@rs,ra
ldar rd,disp16          ldps addr(rs)           outibr @rd,@rs,ra
ldb @rd,imm8            ldr disp16,rs           pop @rd,@rs
ldb @rd,rbs             ldr rd,disp16           pop addr(rd),@rs
ldb addr(rd),imm8       ldrb disp16,rbs         pop addr,@rs
ldb addr(rd),rbs        ldrb rbd,disp16         pop rd,@rs
ldb addr,imm8           ldrl disp16,rrs         popl @rd,@rs
ldb addr,rbs            ldrl rrd,disp16         popl addr(rd),@rs
ldb rbd,@rs             mbit                    popl addr,@rs
ldb rbd,addr            mreq rd                 popl rrd,@rs
ldb rbd,addr(rs)        mres                    push @rd,@rs
ldb rbd,imm8            mset                    push @rd,addr
ldb rbd,rbs             mult rrd,@rs            push @rd,addr(rs)
ldb rbd,rs(imm16)       mult rrd,addr           push @rd,imm16
push @rd,rs             set addr,imm4           subl rrd,imm32
pushl @rd,@rs           set rd,imm4             subl rrd,rrs
pushl @rd,addr          set rd,rs               tcc cc,rd
pushl @rd,addr(rs)      setb @rd,imm4           tccb cc,rbd
pushl @rd,rrs           setb addr(rd),imm4      test @rd
res @rd,imm4            setb addr,imm4          test addr
res addr(rd),imm4       setb rbd,imm4           test addr(rd)
res addr,imm4           setb rbd,rs             test rd
res rd,imm4             setflg imm4             testb @rd
res rd,rs               sinb rbd,imm16          testb addr
resb @rd,imm4           sinb rd,imm16           testb addr(rd)
resb addr(rd),imm4      sind @rd,@rs,ra         testb rbd
resb addr,imm4          sindb @rd,@rs,rba       testl @rd
resb rbd,imm4           sinib @rd,@rs,ra        testl addr
resb rbd,rs             sinibr @rd,@rs,ra       testl addr(rd)
resflg imm4             sla rd,imm8             testl rrd
ret cc                  slab rbd,imm8           trdb @rd,@rs,rba
rl rd,imm1or2           slal rrd,imm8           trdrb @rd,@rs,rba
rlb rbd,imm1or2         sll rd,imm8             trib @rd,@rs,rbr
rlc rd,imm1or2          sllb rbd,imm8           trirb @rd,@rs,rbr
rlcb rbd,imm1or2        slll rrd,imm8           trtdrb @ra,@rb,rbr
rldb rbb,rba            sout imm16,rs           trtib @ra,@rb,rr
rr rd,imm1or2           soutb imm16,rbs         trtirb @ra,@rb,rbr
rrb rbd,imm1or2         soutd @rd,@rs,ra        trtrb @ra,@rb,rbr
rrc rd,imm1or2          soutdb @rd,@rs,rba      tset @rd
rrcb rbd,imm1or2        soutib @rd,@rs,ra       tset addr
rrdb rbb,rba            soutibr @rd,@rs,ra      tset addr(rd)
rsvd36                  sra rd,imm8             tset rd
rsvd38                  srab rbd,imm8           tsetb @rd
rsvd78                  sral rrd,imm8           tsetb addr
rsvd7e                  srl rd,imm8             tsetb addr(rd)
rsvd9d                  srlb rbd,imm8           tsetb rbd
rsvd9f                  srll rrd,imm8           xor rd,@rs
rsvdb9                  sub rd,@rs              xor rd,addr
rsvdbf                  sub rd,addr             xor rd,addr(rs)
sbc rd,rs               sub rd,addr(rs)         xor rd,imm16
sbcb rbd,rbs            sub rd,imm16            xor rd,rs
sc imm8                 sub rd,rs               xorb rbd,@rs
sda rd,rs               subb rbd,@rs            xorb rbd,addr
sdab rbd,rs             subb rbd,addr           xorb rbd,addr(rs)
sdal rrd,rs             subb rbd,addr(rs)       xorb rbd,imm8
sdl rd,rs               subb rbd,imm8           xorb rbd,rbs
sdlb rbd,rs             subb rbd,rbs            xorb rbd,rbs
sdll rrd,rs             subl rrd,@rs
set @rd,imm4            subl rrd,addr
set addr(rd),imm4       subl rrd,addr(rs)

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