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8.25.3 SH64 Machine Directives

In addition to the SH directives, the SH64 provides the following directives:

.mode [shmedia|shcompact]
.isa [shmedia|shcompact]
Specify the ISA for the following instructions (the two directives are equivalent). Note that programs such as objdump rely on symbolic labels to determine when such mode switches occur (by checking the least significant bit of the label's address), so such mode/isa changes should always be followed by a label (in practice, this is true anyway). Note that you cannot use these directives if you didn't specify an ISA on the command line.

.abi [32|64]
Specify the ABI for the following instructions. Note that you cannot use this directive unless you specified an ABI on the command line, and the ABIs specified must match.

Like .uaword and .ualong, this allows you to specify an intenionally unaligned quadword (64 bit word).

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