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SH64 operands consist of either a register or immediate value. The immediate value can be a constant or label reference (or portion of a label reference), as in this example:

	movi	4,r2
	pt	function, tr4
	movi	(function >> 16) & 65535,r0
	shori	function & 65535, r0
	ld.l	r0,4,r0

Instruction label references can reference labels in either SHmedia or SHcompact. To differentiate between the two, labels in SHmedia sections will always have the least significant bit set (i.e. they will be odd), which SHcompact labels will have the least significant bit reset (i.e. they will be even). If you need to reference the actual address of a label, you can use the datalabel modifier, as in this example:

	.long	function
	.long	datalabel function

In that example, the first longword may or may not have the least significant bit set depending on whether the label is an SHmedia label or an SHcompact label. The second longword will be the actual address of the label, regardless of what type of lable it is.

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