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8.24.5 Opcodes

For detailed information on the SH machine instruction set, see SH-Microcomputer User's Manual (Hitachi Micro Systems, Inc.).

as implements all the standard SH opcodes. No additional pseudo-instructions are needed on this family. Note, however, that because as supports a simpler form of PC-relative addressing, you may simply write (for example)

mov.l  bar,r0

where other assemblers might require an explicit displacement to bar from the program counter:

mov.l  @(disp, PC)

Here is a summary of SH opcodes:

Rn        a numbered register
Rm        another numbered register
#imm      immediate data
disp      displacement
disp8     8-bit displacement
disp12    12-bit displacement

add #imm,Rn                    lds.l @Rn+,PR              
add Rm,Rn                      mac.w @Rm+,@Rn+           
addc Rm,Rn                     mov #imm,Rn                 
addv Rm,Rn                     mov Rm,Rn                   
and #imm,R0                    mov.b Rm,@(R0,Rn)          
and Rm,Rn                      mov.b Rm,@-Rn              
and.b #imm,@(R0,GBR)           mov.b Rm,@Rn               
bf disp8                       mov.b @(disp,Rm),R0        
bra disp12                     mov.b @(disp,GBR),R0       
bsr disp12                     mov.b @(R0,Rm),Rn          
bt disp8                       mov.b @Rm+,Rn              
clrmac                         mov.b @Rm,Rn               
clrt                           mov.b R0,@(disp,Rm)        
cmp/eq #imm,R0                 mov.b R0,@(disp,GBR)       
cmp/eq Rm,Rn                   mov.l Rm,@(disp,Rn)        
cmp/ge Rm,Rn                   mov.l Rm,@(R0,Rn)          
cmp/gt Rm,Rn                   mov.l Rm,@-Rn              
cmp/hi Rm,Rn                   mov.l Rm,@Rn               
cmp/hs Rm,Rn                   mov.l @(disp,Rn),Rm        
cmp/pl Rn                      mov.l @(disp,GBR),R0       
cmp/pz Rn                      mov.l @(disp,PC),Rn        
cmp/str Rm,Rn                  mov.l @(R0,Rm),Rn          
div0s Rm,Rn                    mov.l @Rm+,Rn              
div0u                          mov.l @Rm,Rn               
div1 Rm,Rn                     mov.l R0,@(disp,GBR)       
exts.b Rm,Rn                   mov.w Rm,@(R0,Rn)          
exts.w Rm,Rn                   mov.w Rm,@-Rn              
extu.b Rm,Rn                   mov.w Rm,@Rn               
extu.w Rm,Rn                   mov.w @(disp,Rm),R0        
jmp @Rn                        mov.w @(disp,GBR),R0       
jsr @Rn                        mov.w @(disp,PC),Rn        
ldc Rn,GBR                     mov.w @(R0,Rm),Rn          
ldc Rn,SR                      mov.w @Rm+,Rn              
ldc Rn,VBR                     mov.w @Rm,Rn               
ldc.l @Rn+,GBR                 mov.w R0,@(disp,Rm)        
ldc.l @Rn+,SR                  mov.w R0,@(disp,GBR)       
ldc.l @Rn+,VBR                 mova @(disp,PC),R0         
lds Rn,MACH                    movt Rn                     
lds Rn,MACL                    muls Rm,Rn                  
lds Rn,PR                      mulu Rm,Rn                  
lds.l @Rn+,MACH                neg Rm,Rn                   
lds.l @Rn+,MACL                negc Rm,Rn                  
nop                            stc VBR,Rn                
not Rm,Rn                      stc.l GBR,@-Rn           
or #imm,R0                     stc.l SR,@-Rn            
or Rm,Rn                       stc.l VBR,@-Rn           
or.b #imm,@(R0,GBR)            sts MACH,Rn               
rotcl Rn                       sts MACL,Rn               
rotcr Rn                       sts PR,Rn                 
rotl Rn                        sts.l MACH,@-Rn          
rotr Rn                        sts.l MACL,@-Rn          
rte                            sts.l PR,@-Rn            
rts                            sub Rm,Rn                 
sett                           subc Rm,Rn                
shal Rn                        subv Rm,Rn                
shar Rn                        swap.b Rm,Rn              
shll Rn                        swap.w Rm,Rn              
shll16 Rn                      tas.b @Rn                
shll2 Rn                       trapa #imm                
shll8 Rn                       tst #imm,R0               
shlr Rn                        tst Rm,Rn                 
shlr16 Rn                      tst.b #imm,@(R0,GBR)     
shlr2 Rn                       xor #imm,R0               
shlr8 Rn                       xor Rm,Rn                 
sleep                          xor.b #imm,@(R0,GBR)     
stc GBR,Rn                     xtrct Rm,Rn               
stc SR,Rn

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