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8.9.5 Opcodes

For detailed information on the H8/500 machine instruction set, see H8/500 Series Programming Manual (Hitachi M21T001).

as implements all the standard H8/500 opcodes. No additional pseudo-instructions are needed on this family.

The following table summarizes H8/500 opcodes and their operands:

abs8      8-bit absolute address
abs16     16-bit absolute address
abs24     24-bit absolute address
crb       ccr, br, ep, dp, tp, dp
disp8     8-bit displacement
ea        rn, @rn, @(d:8, rn), @(d:16, rn),
          @-rn, @rn+, @aa:8, @aa:16,
          #xx:8, #xx:16
ea_mem    @rn, @(d:8, rn), @(d:16, rn),
          @-rn, @rn+, @aa:8, @aa:16
ea_noimm  rn, @rn, @(d:8, rn), @(d:16, rn),
          @-rn, @rn+, @aa:8, @aa:16
fp        r6
imm4      4-bit immediate data
imm8      8-bit immediate data
imm16     16-bit immediate data
pcrel8    8-bit offset from program counter
pcrel16   16-bit offset from program counter
qim       -2, -1, 1, 2
rd        any register
rs        a register distinct from rd
rlist     comma-separated list of registers in parentheses;
          register ranges rd-rs are allowed
sp        stack pointer (r7)
sr        status register
sz        size; `.b' or `.w'.  If omitted, default `.w'

ldc[.b] ea,crb                 bcc[.w] pcrel16
ldc[.w] ea,sr                  bcc[.b] pcrel8 
add[:q] sz qim,ea_noimm        bhs[.w] pcrel16
add[:g] sz ea,rd               bhs[.b] pcrel8 
adds sz ea,rd                  bcs[.w] pcrel16
addx sz ea,rd                  bcs[.b] pcrel8 
and sz ea,rd                   blo[.w] pcrel16
andc[.b] imm8,crb              blo[.b] pcrel8 
andc[.w] imm16,sr              bne[.w] pcrel16
bpt                            bne[.b] pcrel8 
bra[.w] pcrel16                beq[.w] pcrel16
bra[.b] pcrel8                 beq[.b] pcrel8 
bt[.w] pcrel16                 bvc[.w] pcrel16
bt[.b] pcrel8                  bvc[.b] pcrel8 
brn[.w] pcrel16                bvs[.w] pcrel16
brn[.b] pcrel8                 bvs[.b] pcrel8 
bf[.w] pcrel16                 bpl[.w] pcrel16
bf[.b] pcrel8                  bpl[.b] pcrel8 
bhi[.w] pcrel16                bmi[.w] pcrel16
bhi[.b] pcrel8                 bmi[.b] pcrel8 
bls[.w] pcrel16                bge[.w] pcrel16
bls[.b] pcrel8                 bge[.b] pcrel8 
blt[.w] pcrel16                mov[:g][.b] imm8,ea_mem       
blt[.b] pcrel8                 mov[:g][.w] imm16,ea_mem      
bgt[.w] pcrel16                movfpe[.b] ea,rd              
bgt[.b] pcrel8                 movtpe[.b] rs,ea_noimm        
ble[.w] pcrel16                mulxu sz ea,rd                
ble[.b] pcrel8                 neg sz ea                     
bclr sz imm4,ea_noimm          nop                           
bclr sz rs,ea_noimm            not sz ea                     
bnot sz imm4,ea_noimm          or sz ea,rd                   
bnot sz rs,ea_noimm            orc[.b] imm8,crb              
bset sz imm4,ea_noimm          orc[.w] imm16,sr              
bset sz rs,ea_noimm            pjmp abs24                    
bsr[.b] pcrel8                 pjmp @rd                     
bsr[.w] pcrel16                pjsr abs24                    
btst sz imm4,ea_noimm          pjsr @rd                     
btst sz rs,ea_noimm            prtd imm8                     
clr sz ea                      prtd imm16                    
cmp[:e][.b] imm8,rd            prts                          
cmp[:i][.w] imm16,rd           rotl sz ea                    
cmp[:g].b imm8,ea_noimm        rotr sz ea                    
cmp[:g][.w] imm16,ea_noimm     rotxl sz ea                   
Cmp[:g] sz ea,rd               rotxr sz ea                   
dadd rs,rd                     rtd imm8                     
divxu sz ea,rd                 rtd imm16                    
dsub rs,rd                     rts                          
exts[.b] rd                    scb/f rs,pcrel8               
extu[.b] rd                    scb/ne rs,pcrel8             
jmp @rd                        scb/eq rs,pcrel8             
jmp @(imm8,rd)                 shal sz ea                   
jmp @(imm16,rd)                shar sz ea                    
jmp abs16                      shll sz ea            
jsr @rd                        shlr sz ea            
jsr @(imm8,rd)                 sleep                 
jsr @(imm16,rd)                stc[.b] crb,ea_noimm  
jsr abs16                      stc[.w] sr,ea_noimm   
ldm @sp+,(rlist)               stm (rlist),@-sp     
link fp,imm8                   sub sz ea,rd          
link fp,imm16                  subs sz ea,rd         
mov[:e][.b] imm8,rd            subx sz ea,rd         
mov[:i][.w] imm16,rd           swap[.b] rd           
mov[:l][.w] abs8,rd            tas[.b] ea     
mov[:l].b abs8,rd              trapa imm4     
mov[:s][.w] rs,abs8            trap/vs        
mov[:s].b rs,abs8              tst sz ea      
mov[:f][.w] @(disp8,fp),rd     unlk fp        
mov[:f][.w] rs,@(disp8,fp)     xch[.w] rs,rd 
mov[:f].b @(disp8,fp),rd       xor sz ea,rd   
mov[:f].b rs,@(disp8,fp)       xorc.b imm8,crb
mov[:g] sz rs,ea_mem           xorc.w imm16,sr
mov[:g] sz ea,rd              

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