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8.8.5 Opcodes

For detailed information on the H8/300 machine instruction set, see H8/300 Series Programming Manual (Hitachi ADE--602--025). For information specific to the H8/300H, see H8/300H Series Programming Manual (Hitachi).

as implements all the standard H8/300 opcodes. No additional pseudo-instructions are needed on this family.

The following table summarizes the H8/300 opcodes, and their arguments. Entries marked `*' are opcodes used only on the H8/300H.

            Rs   source register
            Rd   destination register
            abs  absolute address
            imm  immediate data
         disp:N  N-bit displacement from a register
        pcrel:N  N-bit displacement relative to program counter

   add.b #imm,rd              *  andc #imm,ccr
   add.b rs,rd                   band #imm,rd
   add.w rs,rd                   band #imm,@rd
*  add.w #imm,rd                 band #imm,@abs:8
*  add.l rs,rd                   bra  pcrel:8
*  add.l #imm,rd              *  bra  pcrel:16
   adds #imm,rd                  bt   pcrel:8
   addx #imm,rd               *  bt   pcrel:16
   addx rs,rd                    brn  pcrel:8
   and.b #imm,rd              *  brn  pcrel:16
   and.b rs,rd                   bf   pcrel:8
*  and.w rs,rd                *  bf   pcrel:16
*  and.w #imm,rd                 bhi  pcrel:8
*  and.l #imm,rd              *  bhi  pcrel:16
*  and.l rs,rd                   bls  pcrel:8
*  bls  pcrel:16                 bld  #imm,rd
   bcc  pcrel:8                  bld  #imm,@rd
*  bcc  pcrel:16                 bld  #imm,@abs:8
   bhs  pcrel:8                  bnot #imm,rd
*  bhs  pcrel:16                 bnot #imm,@rd
   bcs  pcrel:8                  bnot #imm,@abs:8
*  bcs  pcrel:16                 bnot rs,rd
   blo  pcrel:8                  bnot rs,@rd
*  blo  pcrel:16                 bnot rs,@abs:8
   bne  pcrel:8                  bor  #imm,rd
*  bne  pcrel:16                 bor  #imm,@rd
   beq  pcrel:8                  bor  #imm,@abs:8
*  beq  pcrel:16                 bset #imm,rd
   bvc  pcrel:8                  bset #imm,@rd
*  bvc  pcrel:16                 bset #imm,@abs:8
   bvs  pcrel:8                  bset rs,rd
*  bvs  pcrel:16                 bset rs,@rd
   bpl  pcrel:8                  bset rs,@abs:8
*  bpl  pcrel:16                 bsr  pcrel:8
   bmi  pcrel:8                  bsr  pcrel:16
*  bmi  pcrel:16                 bst  #imm,rd
   bge  pcrel:8                  bst  #imm,@rd
*  bge  pcrel:16                 bst  #imm,@abs:8
   blt  pcrel:8                  btst #imm,rd
*  blt  pcrel:16                 btst #imm,@rd
   bgt  pcrel:8                  btst #imm,@abs:8
*  bgt  pcrel:16                 btst rs,rd
   ble  pcrel:8                  btst rs,@rd
*  ble  pcrel:16                 btst rs,@abs:8
   bclr #imm,rd                  bxor #imm,rd
   bclr #imm,@rd                 bxor #imm,@rd
   bclr #imm,@abs:8              bxor #imm,@abs:8
   bclr rs,rd                    cmp.b #imm,rd
   bclr rs,@rd                   cmp.b rs,rd
   bclr rs,@abs:8                cmp.w rs,rd
   biand #imm,rd                 cmp.w rs,rd
   biand #imm,@rd             *  cmp.w #imm,rd
   biand #imm,@abs:8          *  cmp.l #imm,rd
   bild #imm,rd               *  cmp.l rs,rd
   bild #imm,@rd                 daa  rs
   bild #imm,@abs:8              das  rs
   bior #imm,rd                  dec.b rs
   bior #imm,@rd              *  dec.w #imm,rd
   bior #imm,@abs:8           *  dec.l #imm,rd
   bist #imm,rd                  divxu.b rs,rd
   bist #imm,@rd              *  divxu.w rs,rd
   bist #imm,@abs:8           *  divxs.b rs,rd
   bixor #imm,rd              *  divxs.w rs,rd
   bixor #imm,@rd                eepmov
   bixor #imm,@abs:8          *  eepmovw
*  exts.w rd                     mov.w rs,@abs:16
*  exts.l rd                  *  mov.l #imm,rd
*  extu.w rd                  *  mov.l rs,rd
*  extu.l rd                  *  mov.l @rs,rd
   inc  rs                    *  mov.l @(disp:16,rs),rd
*  inc.w #imm,rd              *  mov.l @(disp:24,rs),rd
*  inc.l #imm,rd              *  mov.l @rs+,rd
   jmp  @rs                   *  mov.l @abs:16,rd
   jmp  abs                   *  mov.l @abs:24,rd
   jmp  @@abs:8               *  mov.l rs,@rd
   jsr  @rs                   *  mov.l rs,@(disp:16,rd)
   jsr  abs                   *  mov.l rs,@(disp:24,rd)
   jsr  @@abs:8               *  mov.l rs,@-rd
   ldc  #imm,ccr              *  mov.l rs,@abs:16
   ldc  rs,ccr                *  mov.l rs,@abs:24
*  ldc  @abs:16,ccr              movfpe @abs:16,rd
*  ldc  @abs:24,ccr              movtpe rs,@abs:16
*  ldc  @(disp:16,rs),ccr        mulxu.b rs,rd
*  ldc  @(disp:24,rs),ccr     *  mulxu.w rs,rd
*  ldc  @rs+,ccr              *  mulxs.b rs,rd
*  ldc  @rs,ccr               *  mulxs.w rs,rd
*  mov.b @(disp:24,rs),rd        neg.b rs
*  mov.b rs,@(disp:24,rd)     *  neg.w rs
   mov.b @abs:16,rd           *  neg.l rs
   mov.b rs,rd                   nop
   mov.b @abs:8,rd               not.b rs
   mov.b rs,@abs:8            *  not.w rs
   mov.b rs,rd                *  not.l rs
   mov.b #imm,rd                 or.b #imm,rd
   mov.b @rs,rd                  or.b rs,rd
   mov.b @(disp:16,rs),rd     *  or.w #imm,rd
   mov.b @rs+,rd              *  or.w rs,rd
   mov.b @abs:8,rd            *  or.l #imm,rd
   mov.b rs,@rd               *  or.l rs,rd
   mov.b rs,@(disp:16,rd)        orc  #imm,ccr
   mov.b rs,@-rd                 pop.w rs
   mov.b rs,@abs:8            *  pop.l rs
   mov.w rs,@rd                  push.w rs
*  mov.w @(disp:24,rs),rd     *  push.l rs
*  mov.w rs,@(disp:24,rd)        rotl.b rs
*  mov.w @abs:24,rd           *  rotl.w rs
*  mov.w rs,@abs:24           *  rotl.l rs
   mov.w rs,rd                   rotr.b rs
   mov.w #imm,rd              *  rotr.w rs
   mov.w @rs,rd               *  rotr.l rs
   mov.w @(disp:16,rs),rd        rotxl.b rs
   mov.w @rs+,rd              *  rotxl.w rs
   mov.w @abs:16,rd           *  rotxl.l rs
   mov.w rs,@(disp:16,rd)        rotxr.b rs
   mov.w rs,@-rd              *  rotxr.w rs
*  rotxr.l rs                 *  stc  ccr,@(disp:24,rd)
   bpt                        *  stc  ccr,@-rd
   rte                        *  stc  ccr,@abs:16
   rts                        *  stc  ccr,@abs:24
   shal.b rs                     sub.b rs,rd
*  shal.w rs                     sub.w rs,rd
*  shal.l rs                  *  sub.w #imm,rd
   shar.b rs                  *  sub.l rs,rd
*  shar.w rs                  *  sub.l #imm,rd
*  shar.l rs                     subs #imm,rd
   shll.b rs                     subx #imm,rd
*  shll.w rs                     subx rs,rd
*  shll.l rs                  *  trapa #imm
   shlr.b rs                     xor  #imm,rd
*  shlr.w rs                     xor  rs,rd
*  shlr.l rs                  *  xor.w #imm,rd
   sleep                      *  xor.w rs,rd
   stc  ccr,rd                *  xor.l #imm,rd
*  stc  ccr,@rs               *  xor.l rs,rd
*  stc  ccr,@(disp:16,rd)        xorc #imm,ccr

Four H8/300 instructions (add, cmp, mov, sub) are defined with variants using the suffixes `.b', `.w', and `.l' to specify the size of a memory operand. as supports these suffixes, but does not require them; since one of the operands is always a register, as can deduce the correct size.

For example, since r0 refers to a 16-bit register,
mov    r0,@foo
is equivalent to
mov.w  r0,@foo

If you use the size suffixes, as issues a warning when the suffix and the register size do not match.

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