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Using as

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8.3.4 ARC Machine Directives

The ARC version of as supports the following additional machine directives:

.2byte expressions

.3byte expressions

.4byte expressions

.extAuxRegister name,address,mode

  .extAuxRegister mulhi,0x12,w

.extCondCode suffix,value

  .extCondCode is_busy,0x14

.extCoreRegister name,regnum,mode,shortcut

  .extCoreRegister mlo,57,r,can_shortcut

.extInstruction name,opcode,subopcode,suffixclass,syntaxclass

  .extInstruction mul64,0x14,0x0,SUFFIX_COND,SYNTAX_3OP|OP1_MUST_BE_IMM

.half expressions

.long expressions

.option arc|arc5|arc6|arc7|arc8
The .option directive must be followed by the desired core version. Again arc is an alias for arc6.

Note: the .option directive overrides the command line option -marc; a warning is emitted when the version is not consistent between the two - even for the implicit default core version (arc6).

.short expressions

.word expressions

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