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7.66 .section name (COFF version)

Use the .section directive to assemble the following code into a section named name.

This directive is only supported for targets that actually support arbitrarily named sections; on a.out targets, for example, it is not accepted, even with a standard a.out section name.

For COFF targets, the .section directive is used in one of the following ways:

.section name[, "flags"]
.section name[, subsegment]

If the optional argument is quoted, it is taken as flags to use for the section. Each flag is a single character. The following flags are recognized:

bss section (uninitialized data)
section is not loaded
writable section
data section
read-only section
executable section
shared section (meaningful for PE targets)
ignored. (For compatibility with the ELF version)

If no flags are specified, the default flags depend upon the section name. If the section name is not recognized, the default will be for the section to be loaded and writable. Note the n and w flags remove attributes from the section, rather than adding them, so if they are used on their own it will be as if no flags had been specified at all.

If the optional argument to the .section directive is not quoted, it is taken as a subsegment number (see section 4.4 Sub-Sections).

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