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dc, an arbitrary precision calculator

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3. Printing Commands

Prints the value on the top of the stack, without altering the stack. A newline is printed after the value.

Prints the value on the top of the stack, popping it off, and does not print a newline after. (This command is a GNU extension.)

Pops off the value on top of the stack. If it it a string, it is simply printed without a trailing newline. Otherwise it is a number, and the integer portion of its absolute value is printed out as a "base (UCHAR_MAX+1)" byte stream. Assuming that (UCHAR_MAX+1) is 256 (as it is on most machines with 8-bit bytes), the sequence KSK 0k1/ [_1*]sx d0>x [256~aPd0<x]dsxx sxLKk could also accomplish this function, except for the side-effect of clobbering the x register. (Details of the behavior with a number are a GNU extension.)

Prints the entire contents of the stack without altering anything. This is a good command to use if you are lost or want to figure out what the effect of some command has been.

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