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The Termcap Library

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2. The Format of the Data Base

The termcap data base of terminal descriptions is stored in the file `/etc/termcap'. It contains terminal descriptions, blank lines, and comments.

A terminal description starts with one or more names for the terminal type. The information in the description is a series of capability names and values. The capability names have standard meanings (see section 3. Definitions of the Terminal Capabilities) and their values describe the terminal.

2.1 Terminal Description Format  Overall format of a terminal description.
2.2 Writing the Capabilities  Format of capabilities within a description.
2.3 Terminal Type Name Conventions  Naming conventions for terminal types.
2.4 Inheriting from Related Descriptions  Inheriting part of a description from
a related terminal type.
2.5 When Changes in the Data Base Take Effect  When changes in the data base take effect.

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