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Bash Reference Manual

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6. Bash Features

This section describes features unique to Bash.

6.1 Invoking Bash  Command line options that you can give to Bash.
6.2 Bash Startup Files  When and how Bash executes scripts.
6.3 Interactive Shells  What an interactive shell is.
6.4 Bash Conditional Expressions  Primitives used in composing expressions for the test builtin.
6.5 Shell Arithmetic  Arithmetic on shell variables.
6.6 Aliases  Substituting one command for another.
6.7 Arrays  Array Variables.
6.8 The Directory Stack  History of visited directories.
6.9 Controlling the Prompt  Controlling the PS1 string.
6.10 The Restricted Shell  A more controlled mode of shell execution.
6.11 Bash POSIX Mode  Making Bash behave more closely to what the POSIX standard specifies.

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