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GNU libavl 2.0.1

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3. The Table ADT

Most of the chapters in this book implement a table structure as some kind of binary tree, so it is important to understand what a table is before we begin. That is this chapter's purpose.

This chapter begins with a brief definition of the meaning of "table" for the purposes of this book, then moves on to describe in a more formal way the interface of a table used by all of the tables in this book. The next chapter motivates the basic idea of a binary tree starting from simple, everyday concepts. Experienced programmers may skip these chapters after skimming through the definitions below.

3.1 Informal Definition  
3.2 Identifiers  
3.3 Comparison Function  
3.4 Item and Copy Functions  
3.5 Memory Allocation  
3.6 Creation and Destruction  
3.7 Count  
3.8 Insertion and Deletion  
3.9 Assertions  
3.10 Traversers  
3.11 Table Headers  
3.12 Additional Exercises  

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