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These variables are also called make macros in Make terminology, however in this manual we reserve the term macro for Autoconf's macros.


Autoconf 2.50 promotes `configure.ac' over `configure.in'. The rest of this documentation will refer to `configure.in' as this use is not yet spread, but Automake supports `configure.ac' too.


Don't try seeking a solution where `opt/Makefile' is created conditionally, this is a lot trickier than the solutions presented here.


We believe. This work is new and there are probably warts. See section 1. Introduction, for information on reporting bugs.


There are other, more obscure reasons reasons for this limitation as well.


Much, if not most, of the information in the following sections pertaining to preprocessing Fortran 77 programs was taken almost verbatim from section `Catalogue of Rules' in The GNU Make Manual.


For example, the cfortran package addresses all of these inter-language issues, and runs under nearly all Fortran 77, C and C++ compilers on nearly all platforms. However, cfortran is not yet Free Software, but it will be in the next major release.


See http://sources.redhat.com/automake/dependencies.html for more information on the history and experiences with automatic dependency tracking in Automake


However, for the case of a non-installed header file that is actually used by a particular program, we recommend listing it in the program's `_SOURCES' variable instead of in noinst_HEADERS. We believe this is more clear.

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