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7. An Alternative Approach to Subdirectories

If you've ever read Peter Miller's excellent paper, Recursive Make Considered Harmful, the preceding section on the use of subdirectories will probably come as unwelcome advice. For those who haven't read the paper, Miller's main thesis is that recursive make invocations are both slow and error-prone.

Automake provides sufficient cross-directory support (4) to enable you to write a single `Makefile.am' for a complex multi-directory package.

By default an installable file specified in a subdirectory will have its directory name stripped before installation. For instance, in this example, the header file will be installed as `$(includedir)/stdio.h':

include_HEADERS = inc/stdio.h

However, the `nobase_' prefix can be used to circumvent this path stripping. In this example, the header file will be installed as `$(includedir)/sys/types.h':

nobase_include_HEADERS = sys/types.h

`nobase_' should be specified first when used in conjunction with either `dist_' or `nodist_' (see section 15. What Goes in a Distribution). For instance:

nobase_dist_pkgdata_DATA = images/vortex.pgm

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