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5. Scanning `configure.in'

Automake scans the package's `configure.in' to determine certain information about the package. Some autoconf macros are required and some variables must be defined in `configure.in'. Automake will also use information from `configure.in' to further tailor its output.

Automake also supplies some Autoconf macros to make the maintenance easier. These macros can automatically be put into your `aclocal.m4' using the aclocal program.

5.1 Configuration requirements  
5.2 Other things Automake recognizes  
5.3 Auto-generating aclocal.m4  
5.4 aclocal options  aclocal command line arguments
5.5 Macro search path  Modifying aclocal's search path
5.6 Autoconf macros supplied with Automake  
5.7 Writing your own aclocal macros  

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