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DATA primary, defined10.3 Architecture-independent data files
de-ANSI-fication, defined9.13 Automatic de-ANSI-fication
dejagnu16.2 DejaGNU Tests
depcomp9.14 Automatic dependency tracking
Dependency tracking9.14 Automatic dependency tracking
Dependency tracking, disabling9.14 Automatic dependency tracking
`dirlist'5.5.3 Modifying the macro search path: `dirlist'
Disabling dependency tracking9.14 Automatic dependency tracking
dist15.1 Basics of distribution
dist-bzip217. Changing Automake's Behavior
dist-gzip15.5 The types of distributions
dist-hook15.3 The dist hook
dist-hook23. When Automake Isn't Enough
dist-shar17. Changing Automake's Behavior
dist-tarZ17. Changing Automake's Behavior
dist-zip17. Changing Automake's Behavior
dist_ and nobase_7. An Alternative Approach to Subdirectories
DIST_SUBDIRS, explained6.2.3 How DIST_SUBDIRS is used
distcheck15.4 Checking the distribution
distclean23. When Automake Isn't Enough
distclean-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
distcleancheck15.4 Checking the distribution
dmalloc, support for5.6.1 Public macros
dvi23. When Automake Isn't Enough
dvi-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough

E-mail, bug reports1. Introduction
EDITION Texinfo flag12.1 Texinfo
else20. Conditionals
endif20. Conditionals
Example conditional --enable-debug20. Conditionals
Example of recursive operation2.1 General Operation
Example of shared libraries9.3 Building a Shared Library
Example, EXTRA_PROGRAMS2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
Example, false and true3.3 Building true and false
Example, GNU Hello3.2 A classic program
Example, handling Texinfo files3.2 A classic program
Example, mixed language9.10.3 Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Example, regression test3.2 A classic program
Executable extension9.15 Support for executable extensions
Exit status 77, special interpretation16.1 Simple Tests
Expected test failure16.1 Simple Tests
Extending aclocal5.7 Writing your own aclocal macros
Extending list of installation directories2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
Extension, executable9.15 Support for executable extensions
Extra files distributed with Automake4. Creating a `Makefile.in'
EXTRA_, prepending2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
EXTRA_prog_SOURCES, defined9.1.3.1 Conditional compilation using _LDADD substitutions
EXTRA_PROGRAMS, defined2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
EXTRA_PROGRAMS, defined9.1.4 Conditional compilation of programs

false Example3.3 Building true and false
Files distributed with Automake4. Creating a `Makefile.in'
First line of Makefile.am2.1 General Operation
FLIBS, defined9.10.3 Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
foreign strictness2.2 Strictness
Fortran 77 support9.10 Fortran 77 Support
Fortran 77, mixing with C and C++9.10.3 Mixing Fortran 77 With C and C++
Fortran 77, Preprocessing9.10.1 Preprocessing Fortran 77

Gettext support11.2 Gettext
gnits strictness2.2 Strictness
GNU Gettext support11.2 Gettext
GNU Hello, configure.in3.2 A classic program
GNU Hello, example3.2 A classic program
GNU make extensions2.1 General Operation
GNU Makefile standards1. Introduction
gnu strictness2.2 Strictness

Header files in _SOURCES9.1.1 Defining program sources
HEADERS primary, defined10.2 Header files
HEADERS, installation directories10.2 Header files
Hello example3.2 A classic program
Hello, configure.in3.2 A classic program
hook targets23. When Automake Isn't Enough
HP-UX 10, lex problems5.6.1 Public macros
HTML support, example2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme

id18.1 Interfacing to etags
if20. Conditionals
include19. Include
INCLUDES, example usage3.2 A classic program
Including Makefile fragment19. Include
info17. Changing Automake's Behavior
info23. When Automake Isn't Enough
info-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install13.2 The two parts of install
install23. When Automake Isn't Enough
Install hook13.3 Extending installation
Install, two parts of13.2 The two parts of install
install-data13.2 The two parts of install
install-data-hook23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install-data-local13.3 Extending installation
install-data-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install-exec13.2 The two parts of install
install-exec23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install-exec-hook23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install-exec-local13.3 Extending installation
install-exec-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
install-info12.1 Texinfo
install-info17. Changing Automake's Behavior
install-info target12.1 Texinfo
install-man12.2 Man pages
install-man17. Changing Automake's Behavior
install-man target12.2 Man pages
install-strip13.5 Rules for the user
Installation directories, extending list2.3 The Uniform Naming Scheme
Installation support13. What Gets Installed
installcheck23. When Automake Isn't Enough
installcheck-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
installdirs13.5 Rules for the user
installdirs23. When Automake Isn't Enough
installdirs-local23. When Automake Isn't Enough
Installing headers10.2 Header files
Installing scripts10.1 Executable Scripts
Invoking aclocal5.3 Auto-generating aclocal.m4
Invoking Automake4. Creating a `Makefile.in'

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