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This file documents the GNU Automake package. Automake is a program which creates GNU standards-compliant Makefiles from template files. This edition documents version 1.7.2.

1. Introduction  Automake's purpose
2. General ideas  
3. Some example packages  
4. Creating a `Makefile.in'  Creating a Makefile.in
5. Scanning `configure.in'  Scanning configure.ac or configure.in
6. The top-level `Makefile.am'  The top-level Makefile.am
7. An Alternative Approach to Subdirectories  An alternative approach to subdirectories
8. Rebuilding Makefiles  Automatic rebuilding of Makefile
9. Building Programs and Libraries  Building programs and libraries
10. Other Derived Objects  Other derived objects
11. Other GNU Tools  
12. Building documentation  
13. What Gets Installed  What gets installed
14. What Gets Cleaned  What gets cleaned
15. What Goes in a Distribution  What goes in a distribution
16. Support for test suites  
17. Changing Automake's Behavior  Changing Automake's behavior
18. Miscellaneous Rules  Miscellaneous rules
19. Include  Including extra files in an Automake template.
20. Conditionals  
21. The effect of --gnu and --gnits  
22. The effect of --cygnus  
23. When Automake Isn't Enough  Extending Automake
24. Distributing `Makefile.in's  Distributing the Makefile.in
25. Automake API versioning  About compatibility between Automake versions
Macro and Variable Index  
General Index  

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